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Whether you need minor or major auto repair services, remember that The Brake Shop is available to offer you expert auto repair services at an affordable rate. With us, you will always get the prompt and reliable service you demand to ensure you get your vehicle back quickly.

Superior quality auto repair services


Don't jeopardize the safety of you or your passengers. Bring your vehicle in for a routine brake inspection to ensure they are working properly.
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If your suspension system is having issues then you may be experiencing harder bumps, more vibration and overall worse driving performance. More Info...

Coolant Services

Don't take a chance on overheating and possibly causing damage to your engine. When you notice a problem with your radiator, don't delay bringing in to our shop for service. More Info...

Electrical repair

Our ASE-certified mechanics have the experience and training to handle all electrical repairs that may be needed on your vehicle. More Info...

Wheel Bearings

Do you think your wheel bearings may be damaged and making noise? If so, bring your vehicle in and determine the issue and provide you with a free estimate.

Fuel Line Leaks

Do you smell a strong fuel odor, engine misfiring, decrease in power, engine stalling or hard starting. You could have a fuel leak. Bring your car in and we'll check it out.


A tune-up is part of your car's routine scheduled maintenance, due every 30,000 miles. It involves changing the spark plugs or engine air filter, and maybe cleaning the throttle body, if it has carbon buildup.

Oil Changes

Getting an oil change and new oil filter every 3,000 miles is essential for keeping your vehicle operating at peak performance. Contact Us today to schedule your next oil change.

air Filters

A dirty air filter won't allow enough air to enter the engine, and this can affect the performance of your vehicle. Bring your vehicle and we'll check to see if you need a new air filter.

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